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PT. Putra Cakra Rejeki

Set Your Date for the most accurate
technology COVID-19 Real time PCR and antigen test


Why Choose Us?

Extensive Networks of all hospitals and health facilities in Indonesia major cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Lombok.

Trusted Partners for Corporation

Special partnerships not limited for Corporations. Reliable and effective

Most Competitive Prices

Competitve Prices and easily accessable.

We're anywhere near you

Medical and hospitals near your location and includes home visits


About PT Putra Cakra Rejeki

PT PCR is an IT-based PCR service provider that focuses on providing services to groups and individuals at competitive prices and has clinics throughout Indonesia.

Trusted Partners for Corporation

PT PCR focuses on providing services to individuals, companies, institutions / associations / organizations, travel agents, airlines, and others. The PCR order test system provided by PT Putra Cakra is equipped with an IT system so that it helps make it easier for all of our partners from the beginning of the order process to getting results from the laboratory with a system that can be easily accessed by users

Most Competitive Price

PT Putra Cakra is committed to the Indonesian nation in helping to prevent and overcome Covid-19. One of the visions to be conveyed is to enable all members of the community to be able to enjoy PCR services at affordable and easily accessible prices for all people

We are Anywhere Near You

PT Putra Cakra collaborates with many health facilities or PCR labs throughout Indonesia so we offer many options for our customers to choose the location to get the PCR test service closest to the location where they live without having to bother to get the best service









How PCR Test Works

Here is how you do a PCR test via our website

1. Booking

You chooses the time and place at the clinic available on the PCR web

2. Payment

Make a payment through the options provided

3. Get QR Code

You will get a QR code as a sign that you have made a payment

4. Go to Clinic or Hospital

Go to the selected clinic or hospital and do the PCR test

5. Wait for Result

Wait for the results of the examination from the laboratory, this process takes 1-2 days

6. Certificate

The completed test results will be notified via Wahatsapp and Email, and you can download the test result certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about PCR.



Sovereign Plaza, 6th Floor Jakarta Selatan


+62 812 13 11 20 40 | +62 21 397 10 123